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You don't need DSLR-rated equipment

As long as you use a lightweight lens like the 15-45 kit lens or other small lenses, you don't need to use a tripod rated for DSLRs. A tiny pocket tripod will hold the weight just fine. If you plan to put your camera on the end of a pole, the low weight also makes that easier. The typical wide neck strap is also not a necessity. I keep a small cord loop on each side of the camera. Then on the right side I attach a longer loop to use as a hand strap and make sure I don't drop the camera. A conventional hand strap would be bigger and would get in the way a bit when putting the camera back in it's bag. If the situation calls for carrying the camera out of the bag, around the neck or the shoulder, then I can still attach a bigger strap to the loops. The loops are there because they make it easy and quick to attach different straps, but that would be the same on any camera. I use straps from camera bags, which have small plastic carabiner hooks on the ends. The point is that with a camera of this size and weight you can use accessories that are made for compact fixed lens cameras, which means they will be cheaper and easier to take with you.

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