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Dynamic Range, Colour And Exposure Accuracy

The dynamic range is much better than any other camera I ever had. That's because I don't buy a new camera very often and before the M3 I used an 1100D. So for me the improvement is really significant. I see a clearly wider dynamic range and the colours are also improved. Without knowing exactly what is the technical improvement about the colour, I can just say that there is a very noticeable change in how the camera handles dull overcast skies. Now grass and trees stay a vibrant green when before everything lost it's sparkle on overcast days. It just looks like the weather was much better on the photos than it was in real life. That saves me a lot of time tinkering with photo editors to adjust colours. The other clear improvement is that it has always been common knowledge that with Canons you must always adjust the exposure compensation to -2/3 on bright outdoors scenes. I used to do that, now I don't need to any more. Could be because of the better dynamic range or because of a more accurate exposure calculation. The important thing is that now I have a camera that works like it should and there are less problems to fix in the photos.

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