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The joy of having an infrared receiver

Having an infrared receiver is a major advantage. The infrared remote is always going to be smaller and easier to carry than any cable release. It's also always going to be an extra thing to carry compared to using wi-fi and an app on your phone. However, connecting over wi-fi takes ages compared to the infrared remote. Also, when you use the app you have to hold your phone and look at it to find the shutter release button. With the remote you just find the button by feel and it stays hidden in your hand. You can choose on the remote whether you want immediate shutter release or a 2s delay. You first have to tell the camera that you are using a remote. This is done by going to the shutter settings and choosing the remote, but this setting can also be saved in the custom mode C. The remote is useful for selfies and whenever the camera is on a tripod, because then you don't need to touch it and cause vibrations. It also works in bulb mode to completely replace a cable release, because in bulb mode you click once to open the shutter, a timer shows up on the screen, then you click again on the remote when you want to close the shutter. It has a lanyard hole and it comes with a very compact belt pouch. The receiver is on the handle on the front side of the camera, which means it's not so easy to use the remote from behind the camera. I found out this is not really a problem indoors if there are some surfaces to reflect the infrared beam. It will work from some odd angles. Outdoors and at some distance behind the camera, it's better to use the wi-fi remote. A bonus piece of information is that when you have an infrared receiver on your camera and an infrared emitter on your phone or tablet, you have the possibility to get an app that emulates the remote control.

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