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It has a reversible screen

Cameras without a reversible screen force you to stay behind them. Or maybe they force you to buy an external monitor, an HDMI cable and a hot shoe adapter. I don't think camera companies are designing cameras without a reversible screen because they think you don't need it. They know it's valuable for many buyers. I think the reason so many cameras are being designed with screens that don't articulate all the way to the front is because there's always something in the way. Maybe it wasn't so much of a problem before, but these days cameras are expected to have as many sockets for cables as possible on the left side and a viewfinder and a hotshoe on top. On the right side is where your hand goes and the bottom is for the tripod, so you have to sacrifice something. The M3 doesn't have a viewfinder, which makes it easier to reverse the screen to the top. Still not good while using a flash or an external viewfinder, but otherwise it works fine and makes me happy it's there. Why does anybody need a reversible screen? Not to mention the obvious use for solo vlogging and those times your girlfriend wants a couple's selfie but you don't want to put your camera in the hands of a stranger, you might actually want to take a proper self portrait. You might also want to do some conceptual photography that requires standing on the wrong side of the camera, to hold objects in place or work with animals or whatever. Maybe your camera is against a wall and the only way to see the screen is to flip it around. It's definitely a feature worth having.

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