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No viewfinder

Being able to make do without a viewfinder was critical to buy the M3. At the time only the EVF-DC1 was available and I was sure I didn't want it. I'm considering an EVF-DC2 now, but I still haven't bought it as of today. It seemed like I was accepting a big drawback by not having a viewfinder. I also have been using compact cameras from the Powershot G and S series and I knew that viewing the screen in strong daylight was very hard. Many times I came home and found out there was something wrong in a photo that I could have corrected, but I just couldn't see it on the screen at the time. Why don't I run to buy the EVF? Because before I was almost never taking a DSLR on any kind of travelling unless it was by car. Now I have a very compact APS-C camera with a 24-70mm equivalent lens that I take on every trip. I also found out that the screen is easier to see in strong light because I can adjust the angle to avoid the reflections and it has better resolution and contrast than what I was used to before. If I do get the EVF-DC2 then I will think of it as an extra feature for travelling. It will be a detachable EVF that allows me to still pack the camera in the same tiny bag.

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